Steve Pullins

Mr. Pullins is Vice President of Development for Dynamic Energy Networks (“DEN”) and has more than 40 years of utility industry experience in operations, maintenance, engineering, microgrids, and renewables project development.  Mr. Pullins previously was a Vice President, Energy Solutions at Hitachi America. Prior to his time at Hitachi Mr. Pullins led the nation’s Modern Grid Strategy for DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.  Mr. Pullins has worked with more than 20 utilities in Smart Grid strategies, renewables strategies, power system optimization, and microgrids.  Mr. Pullins has designed more than 60 microgrids. Mr. Pullins is the past Chair of the IEEE PES Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee, a member of the Transactive Energy Association, an Advisor to the Microgrid Institute, a member of the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy, and an Advisor to Xendee.  Mr. Pullins has advised several international utility and government organizations on Smart Grid technologies and operations, microgrid development, integrating intelligence, new power generation, and waste to energy issues. He holds a BS and MS in Engineering.