Microgrid Benefits


Pressure to meet sustainability goals from institutions, government agencies, and the public is increasing, but many organizations are struggling to find financially viable ways to improve their performance. Microgrids provide highly cost effective and efficient ways to incorporate sustainable energy resources into your operation. Our microgrids optimize renewable energy use with intelligent software and controls that forecast the expected contribution of the microgrid’s solar and wind resources. The technology allows for real-time variations-such as passing cloud cover or changing wind speeds-to provide power coverage at all times. This capability means that renewables are used when and how it makes financial sense.

On their own, renewable energy sources are intermittent and depend on the time of day and weather conditions, which may cause instability in power availability and quality. Microgrids provide a stable energy system by strategically mixing traditional energy, renewable energy, and energy storage systems such as batteries and flywheels, which help make renewables more efficient by saving excess energy to use when grid prices are high. Microgrids create the ultimate blend of renewable power to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint while maintaining access to the power grid when it is necessary.