Microgrid Benefits



Dynamic Energy Networks builds, owns, operates, and maintains turnkey energy solutions for our customers limiting your risk while enhancing cost efficiency. You buy electricity from DEN at a negotiated PPA price. With no required Capex funding our customers balance sheets do not have to carry the burden of funding these power infrastructure improvements. By entering in an Opex model agreement with DEN we take the risk out of funding projects, and through innovative financing solutions provide the required capital. Our customers benefit from the resilience, reliability, and security of our bespoke and modular microgrid solutions without the upfront costs of constructing and operating the microgrid.


Efficient Energy

Microgrids create and transfer energy efficiently, which results in cost savings for the end user. Our microgrids use distributed energy resources (DER) that act like small power plants near the structure they supply, resulting in reduced loss of power. Because of the microgrid’s intelligence, it can optimize when and how it uses the central grid and the local DER. When prices are peaking on the central grid, the microgrid can choose to use its own, less expensive distributed energy resources.