Owners & Operators of Energy Infrastructure

Dynamic Energy Networks (DEN) is a global independent energy infrastructure platform that owns and operates microgrids and distributed energy resources (DER). Our infrastructure can work in parallel with or independent of the current utility grid and will be deployed in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector, as well as the municipality, healthcare, institutional campus, and military sectors. As owners and operators we enable dynamism across microgrid infrastructure and innovate around contractual structures, providing bespoke solutions efficiently.

Dynamic Energy Networks will lead and influence the energy industry’s revolutionary shift from one-way static power grids to two-way dynamic power infrastructure. As long-time investors and experts in clean energy, we are shaping the industry’s next phase through innovative financing and technology solutions. We will continue to align ourselves with “best-in-class” partnerships to guide our investors, partners, and customers to transformative energy markets.

Our customers benefit from:

DEN is committed to providing holistic solutions to address the breadth of our customer’s energy needs. We are connecting customers to emerging two-way dynamic power infrastructure through the energy cloud.  We provide cost effective, resilient, and secure clean energy that ensures a constant flow of high quality power, through both customized and bespoke microgrids and distributed energy resources. Our microgrids deliver customers more flexibility, predictability, and control of energy usage to facilitate their transition to the grid of tomorrow, minimizing risk and maximizing benefits.

Our infrastructure offers:

  • Predictability & control
  • Resilience & reliability
  • Security & sustainability
  • Innovative contractual structures that eliminates risk
    • Capex to Opex; Third Party Financing
    • Risk mitigation strategies